Kolunsağ Muflon Sanayi

Our company is being trading in textile sector since established year 1933 and as of today by its location is one of the premier mouflon producer company in Turkey. 
Kolunsag Mouflon is providing service to supply  formouflon requirements used inmany industrial sectors like Garments, shoes, slippers, car upholstery, air condition filters, paint roller, stationery materials, toys, blankets, baby products and home textile. 
Kolunsag mouflon is rendering of services to all related sectors both in local market and also to Europe, The Balkans, Russia and United Arabic Emirates. 
It became an integrated plant via moving from the first founded place Eyup, Istanbul to its own modern building existed in Hadimkoy. 
Production is performing by using many kind of natural, synthetic and technologic fibers like polyester, acrylic, mod acrylic, wool and cotton together with advanced technology machines and well-trained staff has an experience and practice coming from the past.  
Our main company principles are customer satisfaction, delivery on time and sustainability.