About Plush

Due mouflon, plush and faux fur are very similar as characteristics, they can be used each other. Each of them can be used in many different sectors.

The most usage area is garment. The mouflon (plush) used in garment makes difference as per purpose of using and the idea of designer.

Some of designers are using the mouflon only on the edges of collar and arms in order to get chic and rich view and the others are designing the whole coat from the mouflon fabric appears like a real mink fur. 


Besides this beautify the appearance and also can be done warm winter clothes by using mouflon as interlining. 


The mouflon used in car upholstery production provides a good view and hot environment. It is possible to find any color and pattern suitable to each pleasure.

Mouflon has a large usage of field like leather works, baby blankets, shoes and slippers, paint rollers, prayer rugs, stationary, belongings, home textile and more. 



Nowadays many different technics are applying to cleaning the air in plants and machines. The most sensitive spot of such systems the filter elements are losing their air permeability in due course covering by particles and need to be change in sort time. 


The best solving way of this issue is to clean the surface consistently by the method of tumbling barrel. While this spinning the small particles on the filter materials can be cleaned by the help of vacuum pump and the surface can easily clean and separable. 

If the area has less particle density at this stage fixed panel filters are used.

As a result of these systems the filters will not be stopped in short time or because of the air requirement to be filtered will be less than usual may not need such as a classical 00tambour application.

 Polluted filters can be cleaned up by way of dry-blasting  and reutilize.

While the collected garbage and similar particles are falling into the storage bag for filter systems in bagged model, pipe type filter elements are used that provides the cleaning during the air goes out.

Such systems can be ideal for the cleaning facilities that part size is over 2 mm.


Within the structure of our factory located in Istanbul, filter materials based polyester and polypropylene are under production. Air permeability of our products resistant against high friction and they can be used for filtration in every dry environment.